Die klassischen Player im eBook-Markt agieren nur noch reaktiv

The publishing and ebook industry is completely in reaction mode. Publishers reacted to Amazon by colluding to set up the agency system. Kobo and B&N reacted to Amazon by mimicking its strategy. Even the IDPF’s EPUB3 and FXL standards are reactions to the runaway train that is HTML5 and Apple’s format extensions, respectively. Google’s publishing plans seem about as coordinated and planned as a piece of driftwood’s path through a hurricane.

The only two companies that seem to have a plan and try to act on it are Amazon and Apple, both tech companies.

Eine treffende Analyse, die den Artikel The end of ebook development einleitet. Der Rest ist ein guter Überblick über das, was zum Publikationsglück noch fehlt: gute Tools, einheitliche Standards, simple Abläufe. Lesenswert!