J. A. Konrath zu pornographischen Büchern

Der hier schon mehrfach zitierte Blogger und Autor Joe Konrath regt sich in seinem Blog darüber auf, dass Paypal und andere Unternehmen pornographische eBooks boykottieren:

It is not unfair if PayPal or Amazon doesn’t want to be associated with „Daddy’s BDSM Billy Goat Rape-A-Thon“ (which, incidentally, I would probably buy, as long as the goat wasn’t underage).

Though it isn’t censorship, and it isn’t unfair, I certainly do agree that it sucks. I’m not a fan of limiting choice. I dislike those who dictate morality. As a libertarian and a consumer, I should be able to get my smut where I want it, when I want it.

Und er schlägt auch gleich eine Lösung vor:

This isn’t a set-back for authors. This is an opportunity to corner a huge market. If online retailers can’t or won’t sell „Spank My Donkey, Mommy: A Barely Legal Tale of Non-Consent“ then artists need to stop complaining and figure out a way to sell it themselves.

There is an audience for this stuff. A big audience who is willing to pay. If the regular ebook outlets won’t take their money, find a way to get it on your own. Hint: see what the porn sites are doing and copy them.

Wie immer ein sehr launiger und lesenswerter Artikel – das Blog zu verfolgen lohnt sich!

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