"Exklusivität und Geheimhaltung machen der Öffentlichkeit Platz": Henry Jenkins über die San Diego Comic Con

A few years ago, the conference organizers were discouraging fans from tweeting about what they heard. Today, exclusivity and secrecy have given way to publicity. Now, Comic-Con’s organizers are announcing hashtags (words or phrases preceded by # that allow Twitter users to find others talking about the same topics) in front of every panel. Many speakers are recruiting Twitter followers. And some networks are collaborating with Foursquare, all sure signs the „fan as influencer“ paradigm is shaping their branding strategies. We were warned again and again not to tape the clips shown, but, this year, most of them got released in good quality formats to the leading science fiction blogs within days, if not hours, after the event.

Nur einer von vielen guten Absätzen in Henry Jenkins Reflexion über die San Diego Comic Con, ihre Bedeutung und ihren Wandel.

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