Crowdfunded Wettbewerb zur Zukunft des Urheberrechts

Netzpolitik berichtet über ein indiegogo-Projekt, das den Preis für den Gewinner eines Artikelwettbewerbs crowdfunded:

This is a contest for the best work about the future of copyright. The idea is simple:

  • You set the prize by supporting this project.

  • People submit their works for the contest. The deadline is 1st July 2013.

  • Independent jury consisting of Mike Linksvayer (part-time Senior Fellow at Creative Commons),  Joe McNamee (Executive Director od EDRi) and  Jérémie Zimmermann (spokesperson and co-founder of the La Quadrature du Net) and Jarosław Lipszyc (Modern Poland Foundation, contest organizer) chooses the winner. The decision will be announced on 24th July 2013.

  • The winner gets the prize. Society gets a number of fresh proposals that will help shaping up the copyright system of tomorrow.

Die entstehenden (oder zumindest die siegreichen) Publikationen werden danach online und frei zugänglich veröffentlicht.